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Denon is well-known and grew to become famous for creating top quality of numerous varieties of home theater receivers. Externally, the Denon AVR-1611 has the same appealing style comparable to AVR-1911. It is available on a curved black fascia color and features a big LED panel display for convenience. It is very simple to control since the receiver’s settings may be quickly access. The AVR-1611 can be simply connected to your TV as well as with other devices as soon as you want to. You can benefit from its high-definition multimedia interface support and you may expect a very effective delivery of dynamic surround audio because it also supports high-definition audio formats.


Are you stunned? Well, the Denon AVR-1611 multi-zone receiver has a lot more major functions to offer. It's operational with 4 high-definition multimedia interface inputs that facilitate any compatibility of 3D sources like Blu-Ray. The AVR-1611 also works together with standard definition video sources. In addition, it gives an access to a high quality discrete power amplifier where it offers seventy five watts per channel. This device also includes audio restorer and high resolution audio decoders to make sure that super sound quality is always on the go. Obviously, creating an automatic room acoustic correction is never as easy with the AVR-1611. Are you able to picture out that you can connect 7 speakers independently to AVR-1611 without requiring you to connect separate power amplifiers? It is true since it features a 7-Channel equal power!


The Denon AVR-1611 multi-zone receiver really has the most modern technology of decoders. You could enjoy your beloved 3D entertainment routines because the AVR-1611 can be easily linked on your home theater system. The AVR-1611 is really a state-of-the-art with regards to home theater receivers.


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